When do you throw out 'bad eggs?'

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by TeePants, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Aug 11, 2011
    Hey! It's day 7 here on our ancona duck eggs, and one has an obvious embryo and extensive veining (I think we even saw the embryo move when we shined a light on it) and another is too dark to see but definitely has SOMETHING going on, but the other 5 eggs are all clear with just a dark ring where we assume the yolk is.

    Is it safe to throw those 5 out? We don't want to keep 'em in and have them accidentally spoil the bunch, but this is only our 2nd time incubating so we're afraid to jump the gun. At what point do you all throw out 'bad eggs'?

    And what about the dark one? We didn't candle before now assuming it'd be easier to tell the difference and because I was concerned that my frequent candling last time might have somehow screwed the hatch up (none of them developed :/), and now I'm wishing we had because I'm not certain if the darker egg is older and rotten or if it's developing normally but just doesn't happen to have obvious veining on any of it's edges.
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    With duck eggs, I would give it a little longer. Candle again in a week. I really only toss stinkers or eggs that have no development. You can smell a bad egg long before it explodes if you give them all a good sniff when you candle them. Once you smell a stinker, you never forget that smell! It is like riding a bike, that smell becomes an instant "Okay, this one gets tossed!" Indicator. You never forget it!

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