When/How to "blend" pullets with year-old flock?

Aimless Farmer

12 Years
Jul 25, 2007
N. Central MA
My current flock of 4 EE hens and 1 (absolutely LOVELY) Roo will turn 1 year old in April and May. I eagerly await the arrival of my 6 new day-old chicks mid-April. They will, of course, stay in the dog crate in the living room for their infancy, as did the others last year (we brought the whole crate onto the deck on nice days). My flock are pastured as free range as can be and still live (ie: mobile coop behind electric flock fencing which is relocated every couple of weeks.) I'm getting nervous thinking about when and how I will blend these two flocks. When I got my Roo last October, the girls went after him with a blood lust until he set them straight. I shiver to think what a well placed peck to the head would do to a chick. HELP!!


12 Years
Oct 11, 2007
Gervais OR
I have the same situation. I plan on sectioning off a part of the run for the new chicks so they can be together in one run but the big girls can't hurt the little girls. I'm making a small temporary coop out of misc pieces of wood that I have, I'll put a roost in it and wrap it on cool nights. Once they have been together face to face for a few weeks without any incident I will remove the temp fencing and let them spend a day out free ranging before I let them loose together in the main run. In a perfect world there will be peace and harmony from there on after.

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