When I should introduce ducklings to the Great Outdoors!?


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May 29, 2011
Ok so my two little pekin ducklings will be three days old, and they're in the brooder but it seems they don't want to stay there anymore, they try to jump out and chirp and chirp till we bring them out and they quiet for those few minutes following us around the house. So my dad was suggesting to bring them outside for a while so they can explore. With our supervision and for just a while of course since we have a full grown male and a female(but she's stays in the pen all day sitting on eggs, which is Wierd since Pekins arent known for that o.0) but anyway, yes we know we can't leave them alone with the other duck. But should I start letting them explore? or is it to soon?
I've got three day old ducklings also, and yesterday I took them outside for the first time - they loved it! I took them to a grassy area away from other ducks and just sat with them, they didn't wander far.
They get really excited
I'd suggest taking yours out too, they get rid of a bit of energy.

Naturally, ducklings are outside as soon as they've all hatched but when are cold cuddle back up to mum duck - so after some time outside just put them back into the brooder

Mine have also had their third bath!

If you have a sink or bath tub or bucket you can fill with warm water, they'll love that too! Just make sure they have a warm place to dry off in
and let them sit on your hand in the water til they get used to it
is there any water in there for them to play in? put a very shallow dish of water in there for them. They will enjoy that. I put my duckys outside at about 1.5 to two weeks old.

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