when is it safe to move Coturnix quail pips outside?


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May 1, 2009
I have 24 Coturnix quail pips still in a brooder inside the house. They are 3.5 weeks old. I'm ready to move them outside, but are they?

We live in central California, where the daytime highs range from a sunny 76 to 85 and the nighttime lows can range in the 50s right now. If I place a red lamp and possibly another 100 watt lamp over them, will they still have enough feathering to stay warm? Would I need to insulate the cage to protect them from drafts? Or should they just stay inside another week or so?

Thanks--this is my first time and my local quail troubleshooter isn't available to help me out
It's perfectly fine to move them outside at those temps. As long as they have shelter from direct winds at night they'll do just fine. You shouldn't need a light, maybe the 100 watt, but that would be all.
You can move them out now at those Temps. they are allready feathered out and they should be just fine.

CORRECTION: the lows at night are in the 40s. Perhaps I should blanket the coop and/or add light at night?
I have put birds out as early as two weeks in summer when our lows were in the 50's and had a couple die, but at 3 and a half weeks old you'll be fine. infact I just put out some that were that same age a few days ago the next morning I woke up to snow and they were all still alive. If they are very important to you then I would put a 100 watt light bulb in with them for a few days so they can adjust a little slower. I've tried this before and it seems to help. You can always tell they are pretty wore down when they go from the brooder to the outside pen abruptly without any heat that first night.

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