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8 Years
Nov 24, 2011
I have been putting my 5 week old chicks out in an enclosure inside the big girls run for a couple of weeks now leaving them out till dusk then bringing them inside when do you think i will be able to start leaving them outside at night ,my other chickens i didnt leave them out till they were 12 weeks old ,but it was the winter its summer here now so doesnt get cold at night realy .I am going to start allowing them to wonder with the big girls for wee bit to see what happens soon i think ,they are proper starting to smell inside now
so want to get them out asap many thanks
I brought them in later tonight and i have not put the heat lamp on and they are fast asleep bless um ,its so hard making that move to putting them out i can feel some more restless nights ahead lol
If they've feathered out it shouldn't be a problem for them to stay out at night now. As wildriverswolf90 said, give em a heat lamp if you think the temps might get low enough that you worry a bit.
ITS SUMMER THERE!?!?! You lucky dog!!! Im SO ready for summer!! Christmas is over so Im ready for warm weather, not hot but warm.

Anyways, if it is getting below 70 degrees at night then I would put a heat lamp out there in case they need it. If its warmer like 75 to 80s they should be fine out without a heat lamp at all. Break them into night is bedtime and day is playtime.

Good luck! Enjoy your summer!
I left the lamp off last night and they were not worried at all they were fast asleep absolutly buggered i think from playing all day ,got up to another hot day this morning so out they have gone i just cant wait till i can just let them loose with the big girls they keep talking through the wire to each other they are so eager to go play with them

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