When is it too cold for them to sleep in the coop?

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    Mar 3, 2011
    My chicks are five weeks old and the days are in the 60's.. we want to move them to our coop but we were wondering how low is too low for the night temperatures.. we do not have electricity in the coop so they would be without any lamp on at night..they are fully feathered and are 15 chicks. So question is: up to what temperatures can they withstand in the night? thank you!
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    My chicks are 5 and 6 weeks. We're supposed to get down to around 40 tonight, and I would not have them out in their coop without a lamp. I turn it off during the day. But we'd dropped to the low 50s today and I'd let them out to run around a little; it was apparent that two of them were getting too cold (sitting hunched/huddled while the others will still running/pecking about), so I put them back inside their coop. We were having some winds, so of course it probably felt colder than had it been still air.

    Can you run a 25 or 50 ft. outdoor extension cord out to the coop so that you can use your lamp at night time???

    eta: To answer your original question...if their coop has lots of bedding to snuggle into and is very draft free, I'd probably give it a go as long as the temps weren't supposed to drop below 50 overnight.
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