When should i incubate...


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Merrimack NH
I need to know when i should incubate my mom doesn't want chicks in her kitchen more then 2-3 weeks but we can move them to the garage after that with heat lamps..

when would be the best time to incubate the eggs?
As long as the chicks have an adequate heat source and a draft free brooder you can hatch them, let them dry off in the hatcher/incubator for a day or 2 and them put them in the brooder in the garage with a heat lamp.try to get the heat about 95 degrees in the brooder for the first week and decrease 5 degrees every 7 days. I made a brooder out of mostly pallets. Incubation can be done at any time. The chicks just need to be warm with food and water.


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