When to cull a chick


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I have a chick who is 5 days old he hatched with wry neck. i have given him polyvisol in his water and he is not any better....not any worse either. How long before i should see improvement? Do you cull a chick tht has wry neck? He isn't eating much but is drinking some. Mostly sleeps. I just don't want him to suffer. So what is the best thing to do for the chick wait this out or cull?
Really young chicks usually respond pretty quickly but it can take a couple of weeks to completely recover. Try giving it the vitamins without water so you know he is ingesting enough. Just drop some on the side of her beak (about 2 drops twice a day). Stop feeding medicated chick starter during treatment because it blocks absorption. How long have you been treating?
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Are you feeding medicated chick starter?


I would switch it to regular chick starter and see if it helps. A little boiled egg yolk mashed with yogurt may help give the chick more strength.

willl get it some regular chick food had no idea bout the medicated poor thing

I hope she improves. You will have to use your own judgement on whether it is suffering enough to cull.

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