When to do day and night?

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    Hey all,
    At what age should we stop leaving the light on in the brooder at night? It's not for heat (It's like 100 degrees outside durning the day and upper 70's at night. The garage, where the chicks are, floats between 90+ during the day to as low as 80 at night). [​IMG]

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    Feb 1, 2010
    I keep a heat light on my chicks 24/7 and let them choose how close they want to be to it until 4+ weeks. Then, if they are feathered enough, it is off during the day (as long as it is over 75). Shortly thereafter, I turn it off at night as well (again, over 75). So, depending on the age of your chicks, you might be okay to turn it off now.
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    I provide mine light 24/7 for the first 8 weeks. I want them getting all the nutrition they can as they are growing so rapidly during this time. They will eat as much at night as they do in the daytime. At 8 weeks it's lights out. They panic at first as the sun sets, but they get over it in a couple of days. I guess it's personal preference though, I just prefer to do it this way.
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