When to encourage roosting?


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Sep 30, 2007
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I realize even little tiny chicks will sometimes roost, but I have 16 eight week olds, and they are living out in the big hen house now, with a heat lamp on. They are actually sleeping under the roost perches, and beneath the lamp in the straw. They are good and comfortable, despite low 30's and high 20's temps at night. So, here's my question: when shall I hang the lamp higher up (above the roosting perches)? Also, should I begin by building some perches on the floor, so they can still stay under the lamp where they are use to it? I'm afraid if I just place the lamp up high and hope the girls decide to hop up to the permanent perches, they may not discover it for awhile and get quite cold or die. Suggestions?


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Jan 25, 2007
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How old are they? If they are under a few months old, they may not want to perch yet. I say keep them under heat till they are 6-8 weeks old or so and slowly wean them from the light and set them on the pearches after the light is out. Best of luck!

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