When to give up....?


11 Years
Apr 22, 2008
Mat-su Alaska
Don't get me wrong, I'm only on day 21 today. But they have been hatching out for two days now and there are a few more pipped as I type this.

But when do you give up? I have about 20 eggs to go. They were all refrigerator eggs that had been in there a week so I'm pretty happy with a
50% hatch so far...I just don't want to do anything too soon.
No nothing really stinky. Just that icky smell from everything falling into the water. Almost like a really dirty fish tank....but no rotten egg smells yet

It's odd to me that they were all placed into the bator at the same time, 30 of them were BCMs, they are the last to hatch and the only ones left to hatch.
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I'm lucky that my last hatch was clean...I don't know how but it was. I had no liquids on the bottom of that bator at all. I'm so glad because I wouldn't want to clean that out. I'd just buy a new bator!
I wait until 24hours with no progress on any egg. Then I candle and if no movement tap a hole in the air sac. Repeat until you find a live one or run out of eggs. If it's alive put it back, debate why they are late, and wait another 24hours.

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