when to intervien? OMG almost lost him! Had to step in!!


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I know, dont! but just wanna know when i should? i have one who has a whole broken out. He is breathing, just sitting there LAZY! LOL It's been since 8am. IF he doesn't open the shell all the way, when should i help him zipp out?

remember key word "IF" LOL

this is the largest egg in my bator~

EDITED TO UPDATE: so i have been watching the breathing on this little bugger. It went down hill and i had to step in!!! i gently cracked the shell, not hitting the membrane. I was hoping once it was all the way around, it would push it's self out! Then i noticed the membrane was dried up. So i gently helped it out after wetting membrane. Got really jelly like and slimmed off. It pooped right after it was hatched! Poor thing had it's eye open already and looked at me! I almost cried! I had the humidity to low, what was i thinking!! It's up in the 70% now and i pray the others are OK.

Time will only tell with this one but atleast i helped despite not wanting to.
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I dont know...
i think they say 24 hrs..
My rule of thumb, be it right or wrong, is as long as it is active, moving around and occasionally peeping it may not be ready to come out yet and is still absorbing the yolk sack. If movement declines and it stops moving around I help "a little" buy breaking around the pipped hole a bit but not touching the inner membrane. Also I double check the humidity to make sure it is high enough. If the inner membrane dries out too much it becomes hard and almost impossible for the chick to break out of.
Guineas Keets are notorious for not being able to get out on their own.
That's just what I do......

63% humidity, that OK? I will not help unless it stopps braething or moving!!!

Should i up the humidity slightly?

thanks david!
63% seems a little low, but for Coturnix I cannot recall off hand the recommended percentage. If you have a pair of dull tweezers nothing with a sharp edge, that's what I use. Again you have to be careful of not tearing the inner membrane. If that membrane starts bleeding it may not end well.
But if it does, what I do is take a tissue, wet it with warm water. (Not hot to the touch) lay that over the pip but tear a little hole so the chick can still breath...
Lets hope you don't have to help, but I wish you the best if you do...
To me it is a good feeling to have done a chick-ectomy when it was likely to have not survived on it's own.

A coturnix can take 24 hours from pip to zip.

Personally, if I know my humidity is good my rule is not to touch anything. The time I helped a chick hatch it died and I believe that some don't hatch because they can't handle it. I'm not one to set up an intensive care unit for the birds so I make a point not to help, as hard as it is.

63% does seem a little low. I try to keep between 70-75%.

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