When to join? Please help!


5 Years
Mar 11, 2014
Hi! I'm new to raising chickens, I was wondering when can I put all my chickens together in the same coop. I have some chickens outside that are about 9 weeks old and the little guys still inside my house that are about 5 weeks old. Can anyone tell me if it is safe to put the younger ones out with the older ones yet? I had put 3 new chickens that are the same age outside and they kept picking at them and fighting. I don't want the younger ones to get hurt. Thanks!
Adding to a flock is a sizing thing, however with only 9 week old chickens you might be able to get them together a little sooner. I would try and expose the chicks to the 9 week old birds pretty soon to let them get adjusted. If these were adult birds then it would be different, but something tells me that sooner rather than later is a good thing because all the birds are so young. I would get a second opinion, but once the chicks start getting some feathers I would begin the acclimation process and start adding.
There is no "perfect time" it depends on the personalities of the birds involved. How many of each do you have? Can you divide the outdoor pen/coop to allow for safe socialization so they get used to each other before meeting? So you can spot any potential trouble makers?

They aren't machines they are wonderfully complex little beings; test the waters and be ready to intervene if things get nasty.
Thanks guys! I'm going to section off a part of the pen so they can get used to each other.

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