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I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to be able to combine my now 6 week old chicks with my adult flock, in the next four weeks. I want to combine them before we go on vacation/go to my brother's graduation from army boot camp. So at ten weeks (or sooner) will they be able to combine with adult flock?
Probably. Although some here would tell you no way. I have ten weeks olds in with my adult flock now. Build a pen inside the run of your adult flock and put the younguns in there. Keep em there for a week or two, let the adults and them get used to being near each other (seperated by wire), then make a opening in your small makeshift chick pen so they can go out into the adult run. Do this on a day when your home to keep an eye on them. Keep an eye on em for a couple days. If your adult flock isnt terribly mean, this should work out fine this way.
Currently their living in a cage in the coop and have the run while the adults free-range. So far no one is being mean, even when one of the chicks got loss when I was holding it and the adults just ignored him. So their doing well.

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