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Mar 29, 2018
I’m planning on moving all my 17 chicks to the shed that will be their coop once the youngest are 5 weeks old. The oldest one will be 7 weeks by then and I want to move them all in there at the same time. I wondered if my plan is okay. April 27 is supposed to the lowest at 31 degrees and the next day 29 degrees but after that the low temps are above freezing. That’s when they will be 5 weeks. Also what if they don’t all have their feathers the others will so will they all keep each other warm? Do I need to move their brooder heat lamp to the shed until they have all their feathers? Or will they all be fine as the high temps are all above 55 degrees? I took some out the other day and it wasn’t even 55 yet but it was sunny and they were all fine pecking at the dirt.
In general terms, chicks feather out at about 8 weeks. Your 5 week old ones will be slightly too young. You can move the brooder heat source into the coop/shed . You would only need to have it on when cold or at night. Be extra careful with heat sources, since the risk of fire.
April 27, is a month away. You can not expect weather reports to be that accurate that far ahead. Just do the best you can. Common sense is the best decision maker. Put your location into your profile. It does not have to be exact, but just your State, or Province would give those helping you answer questions, a better perspective of your weather.
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