When to move into a warmer coop


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Jul 1, 2013
This is my first flock. I have 20 chickens that I keep in a movable coop surrounded by an electric poultry fence. I move them to fresh grass/pasture when it starts to look a little worn. My question when is a good time to move them to my permanent warmer coop for the winter? How cold can chickens take before its too cold for them? I live in northern indiana.

Much thanks!

Fred's Hens

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I'd wait as long as I could to "coop them up". They are active in cold weather and they're just fine. Around Christmas, as winter sets in "for real" and lasts through February, those 10-12 weeks are just plain tough. Those are the weeks you'll probably want to go ahead and put them in their winter quarters. But even during those weeks, on sunny days, they'll appreciate going outside.
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