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10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
Central Missouri
My Cornish cross birds are two weeks old tomorrow and quickly outgrowing their inside cage. Are they like normal chicks and need to stay inside until fully feathered or can I go ahead and put them in the outdoor cage? I have had the heat lamp on them and have slowly been reducing the temp in the cage. I am in Missouri and we are having highs in the 60's and 70's and lows in the lower 50's. They are really stinking the place up and I am ready to move them out of the shop.

Thanks for the help.
I would move them, for sure. If you could hang a heat lamp in their space, you might be more comfortable about it.
I put mine out yesterday they were 3 weeks and they were stinking also, I just use lots of straw and the lamp if they cry.
Because its my chicken tractor, I can't put the lamp on it(too far from a plug). I think I will add a bail of straw and see how they do.Thanks.
I did move the chicks outside last night. It got down to about 50 degrees. They are slightly dumb critters and would not go in the enclosed part; instead they kept coming out into the pen part of the cage. Finally ended up putting them in the house part and setting a straw bail in front of the opening. Checked on them first thing this morning and all was well.
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