When to sell

Jan 12, 2021
I have 8 chicks, working to hatch all 11. They're currently about a day old.. I was wondering how long should I wait to sell them, I've had a few people ask about them but I'm not sure how long we need to wait.. is there really a time frame or just whenever?
They ship day-old chicks so you can sell them at any age. You care for very young chicks differently than if they are weeks older and don't need heat. You can chat with the buyers and see if they have a preference. The older they get the more likely you are to be able to sex them. Would that affect your ability to be able to sell them. Or do you want to be able to sex them for your customers? Most broody raised chicks are skittish around people. You can tame them and make cuddly pets but it takes more work.

If you take the chicks from the broody hen she will break from being broody in two or three days and rejoin the flock. She will be upset for a day or two but will not have any long term effects.

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