When to stop feeding medicated starter


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Apr 14, 2009
We've been feeding a starter/grower with a cocciostat since day 1, and the chicks will be 7 weeks next Monday. When should we make the switch from medicated to non-medicated? Should we switch now, or continue feeding medicated until layer crumble? When do they get good immunity to coccidiosis?
If you can find the non-medicated grower you can switch them now. Most medicated starter brands I've seen recommend feeding it for the first 6 to 8 weeks.
Start weaning them. Use a 50/50 starter to either poultry grain or game grower.

I personally use poultry grain as it gives them something to do with their digestive system.

after a week or so go to the feed you are going to use. Keep the starter on hand for a sick or injured bird. They always remember their starter and they will always like it.
The non-medicated stuff is I think the same formula as the medicated, barring the medication. They're both starter/grower. Should we still make the switch?
Yes, your babies need to start growing the bacteria needed for digesting adult food. Many people on this site use baby enfamil or yogurt to give their babies a "kick start".

I think the poultry grain has enough bacterium to get the job done. You can mix 25 percent of this in and I sure it will work.

Remember, adult chickens are actually a pretty gross animal. They eat things you would rather not know about. I mean take a look at the poop that come out of some of them yuck !!
We only have a medicated starter/grower available here. It is to be fed til they need layer, when they start laying, or around 4-5 months.

The medication will not harm layers or eggs, assuming the med is amprolium. If your medicated starter/grower is medicated with an antibioitic, however, I would find another feed store.

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