When to stop feeding my chickens laying feed??


Sep 20, 2020
Southern U.S
So, im kind of freaked out. šŸ˜„ I was reaserching when I should start giving my pullets layer feed. On an article I read that the high amounts of calcium in layer feed can be toxic to chickens that are not laying (and cause liver falure and other things as such.) Ever since I switched my three older chickens to laying feed, I never switched them to different food when they stopped laying (that was earlier this year they stopped). They are about 4 years old. The first one that stopped laying is Phoenix. She died last month (sadly). In her last few days she was still eating, but just stopped moving around as much as the other older girls. Bedsides this she showed no other physical signs of illness. Could this be what killed Phoenix?? Should I switch my older chickens off of layer feed? If I do, how should I feed all of them once I move the younger birds into the coop with them? What kind of food do you feed old chickens if its not layer food? I am thankful for any and all advice or help.
I doubt it was layer feed that caused her passing.

You can feed the entire flock an all flock or flock raiser or even chick starter for their entire lives. Just provide oyster shell in a dish near the feed dish. Those that need it will eat what they need.
Thanks for the help. So would it be harmful for the old girls to share the younger pullet's laying feed? If it is I will take your advice and put calcium supplement to the side for the younger ones once they start laying.
I honestly do not know. The safest thing to do would be to put everyone on an all flock or flock raiser feed with oyster shell on the side.

I have birds that are quite old and ate layer feed year round for over 6 years even though they are a very low production breed. They are still kicking.
I think I may switch my flock to an all flock feed (I had never really thought that much about the kind of chicken feeds before). Thanks! :)

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