When to switch from puppy to adult food


12 Years
Feb 22, 2007
Belleville, WI
Just checking around for opinions. I have a German shepherd/husky cross pup who turned one year old today. He weighs about 85 pounds. What are people's thoughts on when to switch from puppy food to adult food? I have my own thoughts, and have read a variety of ideas and reasons for when to switch, but I thought I'd check with all of you too.
For a larger breed I generally make the switch right at a year old because they are still growing A LOT up to that point. Beyond a year, they are still growing, but not enough IMO to still REQUIRE puppy formulas. Though I have fed puppy formula a bit longer. it really depends on the dog. They are full grown at about 2 for the larger breeds. My dogs don't "fill out" before 2 years old.
the contents and percentages between puppy and adult food are minimal...I feed a puppy one bag of puppy food, 35 or 40 lbs and switch to adult...it is all just a bit gimicky...if you feed a quality food or give them a variety of other things like eggs, yogurt, bananas...stuff, the puppy food thing is not so important...I have bred, shown, rescued and mainained dogs for 25 plus years on that premise and it seems to be just fine...

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