When to turn off heat lamp?


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May 17, 2012
I have 2 silkie chicks, 4 weeks old, and three other chicks (RIR, BO and BR) that are a little over 2 weeks old. They are sharing a brooder and we keep the heat around 85 or so now and on themall night. It has been in the 60s in the morning when I leave for work so I raise the heat lamp up a good bit. It's been the 80s by the time I get home. By the end of this week it will be in the 90s in the afternoon but still in the 60s in the morning. Should I just turn the heat lamp off entirely when I leave in the morning?
The younger ones will still need the heat in the mornings. I'd say wait until they are about 4 weeks old too.
Thanks...I need to find someone to go over after lunch and turn off the heat lamp I guess. I am too far away to run home at lunch and so is my husband.
Mine are 4 weeks today. I have been shutting off the heat lamp in the mornings before I leave for work. We're only using it at night now. I agree with sumi that 2 weeks is too young to go without at that morning temp.
My brooder box was in a building. Even with the temperature outside in the 60s the temperature in the building was warmer than that. My chicks are three weeks old today. I stopped using the heat lamp a week ago. I actually only used it at night from the day they were hatched. I realize I am in Texas and it has been in the 70s and 90s for a while now. Is your brooder in the coop or the house or just sitting outside? I would turn the heat lamp off when you go to work. I would think with the other chicks in there they would be just fine. Just my opinion.
The brooder is in the garage so not out in the air. I just worry that they will get too hot in there before we get home after work. The brooder is big enough for them to get out from under the direct heat of the lamp but still if it is 90 degrees outside and the lamp is on I would think it would be sweltering for them.
What type of brooder are they in? We moved mine up to a dog crate so it is all open ( except for a little up the sides where I put cardboard) They are in our unheated room but it gets hot if the sun is out. So I understand why you are concerned about the excess heat. If they are in something completely closed up, I'd try to find someone to shut the heat off mid day.
It's like having children....the stress lol
I seem to worry all the time now.
They are just so darned helpless. We lost one Friday night too...it was awful. He was just not growing at all. They are in a rubbermaid container, large with a locking lid. We cut out the center of the lid and screwed hardware cloth to the lid so they have plenty of ventilation. We have a dog crate but I'm afraid to put them in there because something can get in as the holes are pretty big. The garage is pretty secure but there are some openings near the roof in some places. Definitely big enough for a rat or snake or something. I'm a worry wart.
Sorry to hear about your chick

Why don't you put the light on a timer for them? Then you can set the timer to turn the light off at a certain time in the morning and on again in the afternoon (in case you come home late for some reason). Then, over time you change the time to switch off earlier until they don't need it at all.
We bought a timer at our local hardware store. They are fairly inexpensive. The digital ones are the best.

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