When to turn out ducks?


Free Ranging
Aug 14, 2017
Southeast Alabama
Does mama take them inside at night?
I've had to put them to bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. The ramp going into the chicken house is about 6 feet long and goes up 2 feet to where their Momma and chick brother sleep. But they just seem to want to sleep in the ground under it. To begin with they stayed under her. Then they got bigger and would huddle against her. Now they sorta follow her around sometimes, and sleep cuddled up by themselves when I put them in with her. I think they're figuring out they aren't really chickens. Tonight is supposed to get down to 39°, tomorrow below freezing. This cold front may just change their fuzzy little minds about them thinking they're too big for sleeping with Momma! :gig


Free Ranging
Aug 26, 2018
Dallas, Georgia
Do all ducks prefer to sleep on the ground instead of off the ground in a coop?
Mine will nap during the day on the ground but they all get locked up in their pen each night. They never want to go in their nice pens during the day for some reason. It's nice, clean and dry in there and has to be warmer but they never do it. They all do go in once it gets dark though.
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