When to worry?


Nov 16, 2015
I have 4 eggs due to hatch tomorrow and one due on Thursday. At day 17 I candles the eggs before lock down because we were going out town the next day and I wouldn't have time to check all the eggs. I noticed that the air cells where on the small side. So I pushed back lock down and ran a dry incubator for a day and a half. When we got home I checked the eggs again (almost day 19) because it was so late. 2 air cells had grown tremendously and where the right size still 3 where not. They are measuring between day 14-18 on the chart. I went ahead and put them on lock down. I did see movment in all of them before lockdown. So my question is as tomorrow is hatch day and I know it can take 24-48 hours for anything to happen, when should I start to worry about there not being any pips? Will I need to candle the eggs on a certain day? There are no pips yet and it's a day early but I'm wanting to be as prepared as ever for what ever may come since this is my first hatch ever.
Just be patient......and wait......best not to candle after day 18.
You usually increase humidity after day 18 so you don't get shrink wrapping when they start to pip/zip/hatch..

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