when will he crow?


10 Years
Oct 10, 2009
Santa Fe, TX
We brought home babies in Nov. They're about 4 months right now, and I swear our cockerel hasn't crowed. I've heard a broken record sound come from him once or twice but nothing else. His wattle and comb are turning more and more red. Should he start any time now? Thanks!
We recently "adopted" a 7 month old cockerel, and have yet to hear him crow. My husband is disappointed and keeps asking "When will he crow?" Browsing the search feature, I've found a few folks who've said their roosters didn't start crowing till 10 and 11 months old!!! And on the opposite end, a few have had chicks crow as just a few weeks of age (little raspy crows). So evidently they're all different.
Find a recording of a rooster crowing and play it for him. I use the rooster crowing ringtone on my phone whenever I want to mess with my Thor's head a bit.
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