When will I get more rabbits?


10 Years
May 21, 2009
New york
Well my doe got mounted a total of 7 times by my 2 bucks on augest 28.

Today i noticed her pulling some hair and messing around the the hay in her cage.

When will she give birth?

Mine go for 31 days but I put a nest box in on day 28 so she can get it the way she wants it. Another thing you may have over bred your doe and she could have gotten pg in both horns. So you may end up with 2 litters of kits born a day or so apart depending on how many times in one day you did this.
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alright i put a wooden box in wth a hole so she can go in and out.

shes beeen stuffing hay in it
So I just leave them in here with her until there done with her milk? When do I take them away from her?

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