When Will I Or Will I Hear Peeps From The Egg?


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
As lock down nears and during lock down, will it or could it be possible to hear the duckling peeping through the egg? Also, I think I'm going to move the egg rack to the Hova Bator and use the Genesis for the hatchery for my single egg since it is consistant in temp and humidty, while the Hova Bator seems a bit temperamental, I don't want to risk anything while I'm gone with the temp or humidity. Plus, I could always bring the Genesis with me to the conference and keep it plugged into my van since I have the charger for it, and use it for the 24hrs that I'm gone and if need be, assist the duckling in hatching. I got this egg rack so it's suppose to be able to be used with any Hova Bator. https://www.gqfmfg.com/store/comersus_viewItem.asp?idProduct=280 What do you think of that idea??
Don't even think about moving the incubator into the the vehicle during lock down. It's hard on the ducking as is and moving around it not good. The egg could shift and drown the duckling in its own fluids. Leave it where it is. Using the hovabator for hatching is actually a good idea, because hatching is messy so you keep your expensive machine clean. Plus is is better to have a machine without a fan circulating for hatching. It know it is temperamental when it comes to temperature, but you can be a little bit on the low end. 95-99 is best for hatching. Humidity should not be an issue. Also no egg rack during lock down. Just have the egg lay on the bottom wire rack so it can move freely. It will rock and move a fair amount. That is when you may hear chirping.
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Great, thanks a ton Katharina! I feel much better now knowing the safe temps for hatching. I'll do as you say wise one!

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