When will my hens start laying??


9 Years
Mar 4, 2010
Colbert, WA
Three days ago a friend gave me three 9-11 month old laying hens. 1 Buff rock, 1 Splash Cochin, and 1 Blue Andalusain(not sure if i spelled it right). They seem to be comfortable in there new coup, eating drinking and loving the strawberry tops they got this morning. No eggs yet, when should I expect them? Also, how long should I wait to let them out to "free range"? We always did this in the past, but with chickens that were raised here at the house. I live on ten acres with no close neighbors, and a couple of horses. Thanks so much for any help!
Anywhere from 3 days to 2 months. It depends on how cold it is in your area, how many daylight hours they get and their comfort level. Sounds like they are already comfortable. I just sold 2 pullets (9 &1/2 months old) a couple of months ago to a gal and she said she got 1 egg after 3 days but then no more for a week and a half. After that first 2 weeks they started laying regularly again.

Good Luck!
Thanks! That was kind of what I was thinking. It has been pretty mild around here (NE washington) and I know they were laying before I picked them up. So hopefully I will find an egg soon.

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