When will my Old English Game Bantam lay?


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Jun 12, 2013
My Silver Duckwing Old English Game Bantam is about 19 weeks old. I'm hoping she'll lay soon. She hasn't been squatting much, but shes been a bit noisier.
Old English Game are not the greatest layers, so she may be a little slow to start. Most chickens start laying at five to six months old. When she gets closer to laying, she'll squat often and her comb and wattles will become redder.
Watch her comb color. When it gets really bright she will lay. Chickens combs signal when they ovulate and they turn bright cherry red like a roosters comb.

Chickens mature at different rates. My barred rock laid at 24 weeks and my GLW were 37 weeks. My SLW were 34 weeks and my leghorns were 20 weeks when they laid their first eggs.

Can you post a photo?

It is hard to be patient but unless she crows she will lay an egg.

Yesterday I noticed a complete difference in comb color it got a lot darker, but today I think it faded a little bit
Here's some pictures


Sorry they aren't the best pictures
When did she start laying? I have one little girl, I don't know her EXACT age but we're guessing around 16/17 weeks. Her comb is still very small and not pink at all. She's my little Mina-Beana


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