When will my quails lay.

That depends on what type of quail you have and what age they are.

Coturnix quail generally start laying at around 8 weeks old, give or take a week. Old world quail such as Bobs, Gambels, California's, etc...don't start laying until around 6 months old and if hatched this year, won't lay until next spring.

If you are located in the northern hemisphere and are going into fall, quail being seasonal layers are going to go into molt soon, if not already and will stop laying for the year. So additional light, and heat if it gets cold where you are located, will be needed to get them into laying thru fall and winter. They need about 14 hours of daylight, turning on the lights a few hours earlier in the morning and leaving them on a few hours after dark and will take 2 or 3 weeks to get them into the groove of laying if they are already out of laying. Never leave lights on 24 hours a day.

If no light is added and your quail have not started laying yet this year, they probably wont' start up til next spring.

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