When will she lay again?

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    I had a 7 m. old hen get an impacted crop (she didn't lay for 5 days before we figured out what was going on). We treated the impaction 8 days ago, and then 7 days ago started treating for the resulting sour crop.
    She's eating, drinking, pooping and her color is back in her comb & wattles and they've filled back out. She's had tons of energy- I haven't been able to catch her to check her crop in several days to see if it's still squishy- we've just been adding alot of ACV to the water.
    So when is she going to start laying again? And I always have one that inevitably would lay in the floor and I've had no 'floor eggs' so I'm guessing it's her. Do you think she's just decided to lay elsewhere in the woods??? Haven't had a chance to check around, but they have been in the coop alot the past few days as it has been raining.
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    Gosh, there's really just no way to tell. A bright red comb/wattle is definitely a good sign though, either that she is laying or that she will be again soon [​IMG]

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