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    Good morning
    I have 14 chickens that i raised from chicks May 2010. when will they start laying. I have been feeding them laying mash and keep a light on 2 hours past sundown. Thank you:)
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    Anywhere from about 18 weeks to one year.
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    Quote:Agreed! And since they'll be reaching egg laying age during the winter (assuming of course that you live in the northern hemisphere) it may not be until spring that you start seeing eggs, though added light in the coop may help.

    ETA: How old are they exactly? In terms of weeks? You really shouldn't start feeding laying mash until they approach laying age (ie 18 weeks). The added calcium in layer feed is too high for growing pullets and can cause some serious issues.
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    Chicks hatched in April or May will mature as the days get shorter in the fall. It is actually better for you to let them live in natural light conditions, under which they will mature properly and start laying when they are ready. I have two Leghorns hatched at the end of April and two other hens hatched in May. One of my Leghorns just started laying two days ago. Nothing from the rest yet. Next fall, once you already have an established laying flock, you can start extending their day with artificial light as the days grow shorter in order to keep them laying through the winter:). For now, however, I would definitely recommend cutting out the artificial light. Good luck!

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