When you sell, how do you judge who is appropriate (or do you)?

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    Sep 16, 2009
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    We've been selling chicks for a few years now and I'm starting to see a few very distinct patterns emerge. I'd love to hear from folks because I'm wondering if this is something you've all experienced, as well.

    I do advertise in a few different ways, including Craigslist. These tend to be either delights or complete pains in the butt. One idiot let his Boxer puppy out and it ate all the chicks, so he called up wanting more. I blacklisted him and let my fellow breeders know about him. Another kept switching dates and times, essentially pulling no shows, then claiming she hadn't confirmed so those previous appointments hadn't counted, etc. Meanwhile, I was waiting for her. Then there's the folks that don't respond to emails after insisting they are REALLY intensely interested and YOU MUST PUT THE CHICKS ON HOLD. *eye roll*

    Then, there's the emails from folks who just set your teeth on edge for some reason you can't quite pin down. Call it a tone, call it an oddness to the phrasing. Hubby calls it the Dull-O-Meter.

    Here's an example (my comments are in italics):

    are they brown or red?

    I have absolutely no idea where those colors are coming from. The pictures in the ad show blacks, whites, pheasants and blues. She's pulling colors out of NOWHERE.

    I am interested in getting another 1-2 chicks, but am not sure I want to drive to (area near where I live).

    Great. So you're interested. But you're not willing to drive here. So we'll teleport them, I guess? Not sure where to go from here. I won't be making an appointment with you until you are committed.

    How many do you have left?

    A couple dozen, but no browns or reds. Does it matter, really, since you only need 1 - 2?

    Maybe its me, but I really prefer folks who email me gushing about how excited they are and what fun they had setting up the brooder, asking what else they need to get ready, asking about the chicks, what kind of setup we have here, etc. Those folks are so much more fun to work with, educate and are really open to learning about their new chicks, check in with concerns, updates, send pictures, etc. The assumption here is if they are that excited, they will take better care of the chicks, that they will make it to adulthood and not end up dying from neglect or shoddy conditions.

    I'm not sure if I'm asking too much or just wanting a different kind of customer. I'm really fighting myself here because my gut reaction is to put this person off, I have other customers lined up who don't set off the warning bells. Or the Dull-O-Meter.
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    I'll put anything on hold at full payment up front +10% per (unit of time) till pickup, this covers the food and electricity and time I'll be spending on them. After (some unit of time) they revert to me and are no longer yours.
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    I get that too. I no longer meet people here at the farm because of some odd people and also bio security . I meet them down the road etc. I don't just sell to just anyone... I know, I'm not normal etc etc... I worry to much about my animals and that's why I could never make a living selling them... Lol. I email with sellers to get their vibe and find out their interest, I don't give my number until they have set a day to come. Their are always strange people that I worry about my birds, but they are a small number compared to those who really enjoy them.
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    Apr 14, 2011
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    I just sell hatching eggs, so it isn't much of an issue. My buyers have at least done enough research to learn how an incubator works. Because they are show quality birds, the eggs are a bit more expensive and that weeds out a lot of people who just want a generic baby bird to play with.

    Still, the serious people are pretty easy to pick out. They will say something that indicates they have done some research and generally, they are eager to talk about poultry and their plans if you give them the slightest encouragement.

    The phrase "for my kid" sends up red flags for me, and I want to know a lot more about it. Live animals aren't toys. Some kids are great with animals, but I want to know which it is before I let them have an animal.

    And yes, I care very much where my birds go. I won't send them to be neglected or abused if I can help it.
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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    I like that idea. I'm going to start incorporating that for holds - I don't mind a few days, but after that there's going to be definite recouping of costs.
  6. TrystInn

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    I have a gal coming tomorrow evening who is getting the chicks for their girls but she's been very specific that as the mother, she's the one who will be in charge of their care and the girls will be "helping and learning" alongside her. That I kinda like.

    I know a few of the 4-H folks, so I can ask around the volunteers if there's a concern to see if the kid can take care of chicks on their own. Networking is a joy! :D
  7. FireTigeris

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    And people agree to this and actually still walk away after paying me. I'll hold about two weeks unless they give really good reasons it should be longer...

    (like -we will be out of town for a month...and want them when we get back)
  8. TrystInn

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    Right now we're selling Silkie chicks, so we're hearing things like "When they are old enough to be sexed, call us and we'll buy some pullets from you".

    And I'm thinking . . . in what way does that financially work out for me? I have to feed them, protect them and clean up after them for a few more months, then you'll want them at the same price I'm offering them unsexed now. Meanwhile, I'll have to trek up to the auction with the guys and believe me, I don't cover my costs with what I make auctioning off the boys there. And frankly, I can generally use the girls for my own breeding projects. So really, why would I WANT to do that?

    I should start offering that boarding price and watch them flinch. :D
  9. kuntrygirl

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    Feb 20, 2008
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    When I sell, I absolutely judge who is appropriate. I have had several guys come over and want to buy chickens. I always ask them why do they want to buy chickens. When I ask that question, their answer is either the "deal sealer" or "deal breaker". 80% of the responses are, "Something killed all of my chickens one night". My next question is, "Well, do you have a chicken coop? Were they locked up that night they were killed". Then their response is, "Well, no I don't have a chicken coop, they just sleep on the fence or in the tree". Then my answer is, "Sorry to hear about your chickens but I don't have any for sale". :smack

    If a person will willingly just allow their chickens to be prey and not have a chicken coop for them to sleep in at night, then that is NOT the person I want to sell my chickens to. I would be sending my chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys on a suicide mission if I sold to someone like that. I can understand that we all as chicken owners are faced with dealing with predators and we could have a Fort Knox chicken coop but sometimes things will happen and predators will still get out chickens. But at least we as responsible owners did everything in our power to protect our chickens and other animals by providing them with safe shelter. In that case, I can understand and will sell to someone who had a misfortune and wants to re-build their stock.

    But to the guy who just buys the chickens and throws them out in the yard and lets them fend for themselves, he gets NOTHING from me.

    And if I get a bad feeling about the person, I go with my gut feeling and tell them no. I follow my first mind.
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