where are the eggs??

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    Jul 28, 2010
    Okay, my hens are old enough and WAY big enough, but still not laying.
    We have about 80 birds...about 9 of them are roosters. We were getting some eggs, however they were not laying them in the nesting boxes, but in the back of our truck instead. When we moved the eggs, they stopped laying.

    We have Barred rock, Rhode Island Reds, and White leghorns also some Silkies...they only ones that were laying were the Leg horns... any information would be great!!

    We also had a small hen and rooster (set) she layed about 7 eggs, then never layed another. [​IMG]
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    A few things could be going on
    They could be hiding eggs, have you looked for hidden nests?
    This time of year they can slow down because of diminishing day length.
    They sound like they are too young for a full molt, but could some of them be going threw a mini molt.
    Maybe a 0,2 or 4 legged egg predator.

    or some combo.

    Good luck

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    What color were the eggs? If they were white then yes it would be the leghirns. If they were brown could be barred rocks or Rhode island reds. Usually the barred rock eggs will be darker colored than Rhode island red eggs.

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