Where are the Mille Fleurs?


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Sep 26, 2008
I live in Seattle and I can't seem to find any Mille Fleur hens. Does anyone know where I could buy some?
Mille Fleur is a color pattern.
What breed of chicken are you looking for in the Mille Fleur color?
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The full name of what you are looking for is a Mille fleur D'uccle. Many people just call them mille fleurs because that is their orignal color though they are being bred in Porcelain too now.
I took this straight from the FeatherSite website:

"Belgian d'Uccle Bantams

Booted Bantams

Barbu d'Uccle

In the US they are frequently referred to as Mille Fleur or Millies, in spite of the fact that Mille Fleur is ONLY one of their color variants and IT ALSO APPEARS IN OTHER BREEDS."

This is where I got my info re: other breeds also having the mille fleur pattern. Didn't want anyone to think I'm crazy or anything.
Yup, Shelley is right in that mille fleur is the color, not the breed name. Lots of breeds come in this color pattern. Unfortunately hatcheries call them all sorts of odd things. I can only assume they do this so they can't be held accountable to uphold a breed standard.

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Here are my Mille Fleur D'uccle hens. I have a quartet but the roo is just too hard to catch so the hens are out free ranging today and not the roo
I got to much exercise the day before trying to catch him!
I only let him out every OTHER day

The Millies are SO sweet too. I just love them. I got these from Ideal poultry. In my straight run order I got 5 girls and only 2 boys
I was very lucky.

I want some Mille Fleur D uccles, but only hens. All the hatcheries that have them only do straight run but I want only hens and can't find them anywhere
I have a couple of young hens that are pretty low on the pecking order in my coop, if you know of a shipping method that will deal with live critters, I will put them in a crate and ship them to you for whatever the peanut gallery thinks is a fair price. I haven't sold anything other than my keets, so I have no idea what a pair of laying, approx. 22 week old Mille Fluer Duccle hens would go for. Any ideas out there? They are very pretty, and very fast, that is how they have stayed away from my Jersey Giants which seem to want to eat them. They arent all plucked and scabby looking either, they are very nice young hens. I will only do this if you know of a safe, humane way to transport them.
I am not sure how to mail chickens, if anyone has any ideas that would be helpful. Could I see a picture of them?

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