Where can I actually GET Oyster Shell grit? Melbourne AUS

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    Sep 15, 2014
    Hey all,

    a few weeks back, I had a chicken get egg bound and produce a couple of eggs that made me think she was pretty low on calcium. I've since been keeping them supplied with crushed baked eggshell, which has kept her fine thus far.

    I'm happy to keep doing that, but I'd prefer to be able to put out larger amounts of shell at a time (rather than breaking up a few day's eggs at a time).

    Can anyone tell me where on earth I can get oyster shell grit for chooks around NE Melbourne (Australia)? None of the stock supplies shops that I know of anywhere near me have any. There are plenty of overseas suppliers on ebay and the like, but they are like $20 for the bag of grit plus $30-50 for postage.. which I understand but obviously makes it incredibly expensive to buy.
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    Oyster shell andd grit are two different things. Grit is usually granite, intended to stay in the crop to grind the food. Oster shell is just that, crushed shells, and uch softer than granite. It is intended as a calcium supplement.

    If you just can't find oyster shell, you can give calcium in another form. You'd need to look up a recommended dose, but you can use most any calcium source, including calcium tablets intended for people. if the dose is OK. Tums dissolved in water will also sserve the purpose, but again, you'd want to check on a good dose..

    I'm certainly not in Australia, but I sympathize. They tell me they never heard of eithr at my feed store. I have to drive half an hour to the "big city" to get them.
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    You can buy it at produce and pet stores . It will be labelled ' calcium carbonate ' it's a couple of dollars a bag. :)
    She'll grit is also available in 1 kg bags but some free range feeds already have it mixed in.
    If you have a mixed flock you are best to put the calcium carbonate in a separate dish , under cover so the hens that need it can help themselves.
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  4. Crushed limestone rock is about the same thing as oyster shell. So is crushed marble. For a hobbyist chicken keeper, 1kg of oyster shell and a similar amount of grit may last a lifetime. Pet stores that cater to exotic bird owners may also be a good place to look.

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