Where can I buy the Tissue line origin vaccine for infectious laryngotracheitis ( ILT )?

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    I can only find the cell line origin version and the cell line vaccine is not allowed to be used in Texas without written permission. Anyone know a source or manufacturer of the TCO version?
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Is this one?

    Pharmaceutical Name
    Fowl Laryngotracheitis Vaccine, Modified Live Virus
    Features and Benefits
    Unique tissue culture origin vaccine
    Does not spread bird-to-bird
    For use in chickens four weeks of age or older, as an aid in preventing fowl laryngotracheitis through immunization by the eye drop method. Initial vaccination is at 4 weeks of age followed by revaccination at 10 weeks of age or older. This is a restricted product. Use only in states where permitted. Be aware of and comply with any state regulations regarding use of this vaccine.
    For further information including dose rate and complete directions and warnings, please see the Product Label by clicking here.
    LT-IVAX[​IMG] is a registered trademark of Schering-Plough Animal Health Corporation.
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    It looks to be the one I am looking for but will call them tomorrow to find out for sure. Thank you!

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