where can I find decent chicken wire??


8 Years
Apr 12, 2011
Portland, OR
I need to build a run and it's going to be pretty big so these 3x50 foot chicken wire rolls don't really do it for me. I was trying to find something closer to 6 feet tall, 5 feet might work but was really hoping for 6. Also was hoping to find a roll that's 100 feet or longer, but I could work with 50. I have checked home depot website and they don't really have much available but I've heard they will do special orders. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any rough estimate on how much it will cost? Any other suggestions for a ceiling on the run?

I can't use netting because the raccoons will rip through that, I've heard they will rip through chicken wire too but we have never had problems with the raccoons breaking in, you will see where they have tried but so far so good.
I just hate chicken wire and think it's a total joke, but I understand you wanting to not spend big bucks on wire for a run that size. I would go with the galv livestock roll fencing and then just use 2 or 3 foot of hardware cloth around the the bottom portion.
Maybe try Stucco Netting? It looks like chicken wire, but is a heavier gauge(17 instead of 20, I think) It is harder to find though. Around here(TX) 3' x 150' costs around 50$. It is galvanized too.
Preferably stay away from home improvement stores and national chain farm stores. They don't seem to carry the good stuff.

I find the best at local farm and home stores and at metal warehouses, if they don't have it in stock they can get it. The gauge is better and stronger too.
I used the 3' X 50' and 3'X100' chicken wire. I welded rebar on top of T-posts with a ring on top, ran #9 wire from corner to corner post strung through the ring on top of the rebar. Then used rings (like a shower curtain) to attach the chicken wire to the #9 wire, this was to allow me to stretch the fence and give it flexibility. I then used the J-hook fasteners to attach another run of the chicken wire to the section I had suspended to make the 6' height. I had earlier buried plastic coated fencing for dig under protection and corrosion resistance along the bottom (it’s green colored plastic, making it hard to see in the picture). I then used the same J-hooks to fasten the chicken wire to the bottom buried fencing. Note: I joined the ends of the 3' rolls together by simply weaving a piece of the #9 wire through an overlapped section of the chicken wire---that makes a neat and secure joining.
Cool great ideas. I am so torn, I believe I have enough welded wire and hardware cloth from my first coop to be able to run around the bottom 3 feet of the coop, I was just going to use the chicken wire to kind of double layer the wire on.. but I am not too concerned about the holes being too big on the roof or higher than 3 feet off the ground. I can never make up my mind. I like that Rural King, I had never heard of them before. Well thanks again for the ideas, I'm about to head out to Home Depot and a few other places to get some ideas on prices. I'll report back if I find anything noteworthy.
I just purchased chicken wire 4'x150' from Lowes for $62. It can be shipped to your local Lowes for free if they don't have it in stock.

I used chicken wire inside my run which is 10x20 dog kennel. Ran the chicken wire around the bottom and underneath. Worked fine. Also making another run from heavy 1x 2 in welded wire and running chicken wire inside. I have no problem with chicken wire when used correctly. I got mine at Rural King and a family owned store here. Quality was the same.

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