Where can I foun peachicks???


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Feb 26, 2011
Ok so I had caught these 4 wild peacocks that took over our town. Nobody no's how they get here. But the city offered to pay, if somebody could catch them. And what do you know I went out bought a long net and caught all 4 it took a few weeks but I finally caught the last one a while ago. I kept them because I already have chickens and they have a nice big coop so I thought it couldn't hurt. But whenever I go out there, they are real jumpy and skiddish. It is probally because they have been wild for so long. BUT I REALLY ENJOY THE BEAUTY OF THEM AND WOULD LIKE TO BUY SOME PEACHICKS AND RAISE THEM, I WATCHED A TON OF YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND THE PEACOCKS ARE SO SWEET THAT WERE RAISED FROM BABIES. I would like to buy some peachicks. I am in Utah. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
I am not sure where you are in Utah, I see UPA doesn't show any breeders in your state http://www.peafowl.org/breeders.htm You could check whatever other state is closer to you, check local advertising, or go with mail order though getting them through the mail you also have to deal with minimum orders (usually 8). Finding breeders that can mail them to you gives you a bigger selection on colors, but buying local you don't have shipping stress and won't have a minimum that you would have to buy.

As far as the birds that you have go, make sure that they have plenty of space so that they don't feel as trapped, work quietly around them, and don't try to approach them. Let them get used to you and approach you on their own and hopefully they will come around. Are all four peacocks, or are some peahens?

I wish you the best of luck!
Oh thank you, No they are not all peacocks. There is a male with a train, and there is a female. They had 2 babies that are the size of them. They look to both be peahens as well. They are India Blue but they had a white one. It has a gold ring around its neck and it also has some black plumage.
Is there any way to post pictures and maybe somebody can help identify them? I am not an expert by any means. But if you have at least a pair, you may be able to hatch out eggs and raise the chicks yourself.

I only have three, an adult pair and their chick that was hatched and raised by one of my chicken hens last summer. Use caution keeping them with your chickens, there are some diseases that chickens can have with no symptoms that can be deadly to peafowl. It wouldn't hurt to put some wormer in the water to be on the safe side. Just do a quick search here on safe guard to get the doseage if you want to do that.
They are India Blue but they had a white one. It has a gold ring around its neck and it also has some black plumage.

This white bird might be a blackshoulder...Does it look sorta like this...


Good luck with your peafowl I hope you can get some peachicks. They come in many different colors so you might be interested to see the different varieties. Here are some varieties with pictures:
the young one with the golden color and black specks...my guess its a blackshoulder.

minx you beat me
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MinxFox, if that is your place I love it! And it's GREEN, not white!

I somehow thought it was the males that got the rust flight feathers... females get them too?
Congrats on your catch! yes, females can get bronze flight feathers also.

Spend some time just sitting aroung them quietly & talking to them. Bring them treats -- mine love cooked pasta of any kind, and unsalted peanuts, and bread. They may not ever be "jump up in your lap" tame but you can get them used to you & tame them down to a point.
Shane Bunker is the only one listing peafowl in the APWS directory.He is in Spanish Fork.
I would get them away from your chickens as your chickens will pass diseases to your peafowl.You will also need to feed the gamebird feed as itcontains meds for blackhead which peafowl can get.
In N.H.,Tony.

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