Where can you use pressure treated wood in a coop?


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May 7, 2012
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I am trying to reuse some wood we have. I have two pallets and then some some leftover wood from our deck. So are the pallets pressure treated? Also what parts of the coop would it be ok to use pressure treated wood? If you don't use pressure treated isn't it going to fall apart easily?
Thanks for your help!!
Pallets are designed to be disposable, never seen any made from treated lumber.

I just finished building a secured run, 6" by 20' all from treated lumber. I'm figuring a few weeks in the fresh air and any harmful chemical residual will be gone.

Just like you would not put chickens in a coop when the interior paint hasn't cured yet.

But then I'm a Newbie and my first batch of chickens arrive next week, ask me again in 6 months if I have any two headed chickens running around! :)
From what I have heard and rread that the current chemicals used to treat the lumber is much safer to man and beast than the "old" stuff, ie. Cresote. I have used it and no glow in the dark chickens, dogs or family members.
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Rule of thumb is anywhere there is ground contact by the coop you should use PT. If you don't,termites will find the non treated wood quickly and will make a meal( and a mess)once they find their way in.
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i wouldn't use it anywhere the birds would regularly have contact with it. Whatever chemical they use probably isn't very good for them, if it kills termites and such, i can't imagine it would have a good effect on poultry. This is just my personal opinion, however.
Please do not use treated wood near your food sources. Copper as well as the old arsenic treatment is a heavy metal. Heavy metals are transferable to humans through plants and animals that ingest them and are then used as food sources.

Heavy metals build up over time and high levels are usually not discovered until severe and irreparable damage has been done. People usually do not realize they have high levels of heavy metals until they become really sick - it may take decades.

Heavy metals leached out of treated wood find their way into the soil and water sources.
Please research and learn more about Treated wood......The Media blew this "supposed" problem all out of proportion and the truth is not what they told....


Also, I have been a contractor all my life and arsenic is in almost everything that grows....so are base metals.....

ALSO, ALL wood products are treated at the kiln to some extent for preservation and transportation.. .
Even "Untreated Redwood and Cedar has enzymes and acids in it naturally that bugs dont like..........

If you don't want to use it for what ever reason just open the pocketbook up and keep replacing the rotted wood every 5 years or so......
Dont eat it....Dont Smoke it..(wood isnt food)....but it's fine for the chickens and people to stand on and live in ......IMHO.


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