My ducks are still very young and not going to be laying for another ten weeks or so, but I am wondering if I will need to provide them some kind of laying box or prepare a special nesting or laying area? Please tell me about and/or post a picture of your ducks' laying area.
Initially they may lay where ever they happen to be. But most often they lay on the floor, usually in the corner of the coop. If you are planning to build nesting boxes, you may do it, but put them on the ground.
Muscovies are a different story, they need nesting spaces like chickens, only larger.
When your duckling get toward laying age put a few fake eggs in some fluffy bedding and most likely once they realize what’s coming out of their bottom is an egg they may take the hint and lay where the fake eggs are. With a small coop just a quiet corner would be fine.

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