Where do I find female button quail


12 Years
Jun 8, 2010
I have 2 buttons I hatched 10 weeks ago. One is a male because he has a bib and crows and makes the windy growl wanting a female. My other quail is white so I can't tell the sex but there are no eggs.
I live in eastern North Carolina and cannot find a dealer anywhere. I realize I can hatch more eggs in hopes of obtaining a couple of female but that takes time to hatch and mature. In the meantime I have a very lonely male!
How long do I quarantine new birds?
I do at least 4 weeks. Try a wanted ad on Craigs list maybe? You might also check your local animal shelters, sometimes they get odd things come in. All of my 4 doves are from shelters. Good luck. If you think your other quail may be a male, they may fight if you bring in a female. If possible, two girls would be better. Good luck.
I don't do Facebook. My male is getting antsy and does a lot of pacing and calling for a mate.

yeah i think facebook is a good way to get new birds in my area i get alot of people coming to me for birds so im having to branch out to new areas cuzz 9/10 they probably came from my brood lol. but there maybe some swap meets you can go to. ask your local feed mill or pet store if they know of such a thing go to your local stock yards ask them about birds and such. you can find out alot if you dont want to get onto facebook
Thank you for the info. I can't be sure of the sex of my white button. But there ate no eggs and no mating that I have observed. And I have seen my silver begging for a female. Would you assume the white is a male since it us nearly 11 weeks old?
Thank you for the valuable info. I do think for sure I have 2 males. I checked craigslist last night and found a breeder that lives 5 hours from me. They will sell the female 10 week old for $10 yeah. Then I also messaged The Finch Farm and they MIGHT sell me 2 but with shipping the cost is $130.00. Not sure which I will do.

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