Where is Black Cochin SOP thread??


May 21, 2017
Massillon, OH

No worries, dear! I can understand why you want to SOP. It’s been my experience, at least in dogs (my spouse was on the waiting list for a pup from the top Saluki at the before she became sick 😞. My focus was Papillons), the SOP helps to compare what is wrong to what is right. We have crap bantam Cochin cockerels from a hatchery compared to my should-have-been show LF black Cochin hen (a bit salty about it, but she’s my baby girl and I couldn’t ask for more). It’s interesting to see the difference especially after reading the standard and comparing between. It’s a good way to learn, so I hope you don’t become discouraged!

Cochins Int also has a Facebook group (If you haven’t already liked them). It’s great to see pictures.

I wish you the best of luck! Hope this helps even a little and gives you some encouragement. 😊

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