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11 Years
Aug 8, 2008
Seems like a drop-off in posts the last few days. Is that normal for this time of year?
Don't know about this time of year. I'm busy dealing with having my fiance' home more than normal. He's been putting off having his right rotator cuff repaired for months now only to have his left one completely tear apart on him Thursday night at work.
We're busy running back and forth between the dr.'s office and the hospital (both almost an hour away)

With him home I feel guilty every time I come in and sit down at the puter, but things are looking up. The doctor gave him so pretty stout pain meds, he just took the first dose, and pretty soon he'll be in la-la land. I can sit at the puter (on BYC of course) till my hearts content.
I've been playing doctor with my daughter. She was mean the our doggy yesterday and the doggy decided she had enough. Need I say more? Needless to say, my DD has stitches in her sweet little face.
Now I'm watching the two like a hawk to make sure they are nice to each other, which they normally are.

Maybe everyone else is busy with fairs, school projects, ect... It seems like this is just the time of year when everything starts getting busy for those of us who have children.
DH and I went out and bought a chest freezer because the old one was beyond repair.
Then I finally started painting the final coat on my duck house. Had to go rest outside on my lawn chair watching the free ranging mayhem..... just lots to do!
I think that there was a frenzy here in the spring and early summer, what with new chicks, trying to figure out they're breed and sex, how to take care of them, what to feed them, what to do if they got sick.

Now many of us are enjoying the meat&eggs of our labors along with harvest time and getting ready for winter.

We just can't wait until it doesn't hit 100 anymore!

It's been a hot week here but come January, you can be certain that I'll be bragging it up about how wonderful it is to live in AZ.
I noticed the decline too, maybe it has to do with the stock market and financial mess, BYC market is down right now, but it will be up soon!
Busy? Yes, Fall is here, that means winter is coming. So much to do. Lots of yard work. Close the pool, stain the deck, bug the neighbor, etc., etc. There will be more time to post in the winter. But, I pop in here a couple times a day just to see what's going on.

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