Where is everyone from?


Oct 19, 2020
South western New York here. My coop is built into a horse stall off the side of our garage. I'm hoping tarps over the wire part and a heat lamp or two will be warm enough for my girls.

Beth S

In the Brooder
Jan 25, 2020
Quebec, Canada
Hi Maltese.

I’m in Quebec, but originally from Ontario. I built my coop last year. My coop is up on 4x4 posts, framed with 2x4s, 2” hard foam insulation between the 2x4s, plywood walls on the inside, rough cedar from a sawmill (mostly outer round boards) for the outside, with a roof, also insulated. Might seem like overkill, but the water still froze at the beginning of last winter. I added a heated water reservoir and a ceramic bulb that is very securely attached to the ceiling and is about 3 feet from the floor. I use a winter extension cord from the co-op store. It was listed for outdoor farm use.

It gets cold here, sometimes -30*C for weeks for daytime highs.

Depending on your climate, you would probably be fine with good insulation. Keep in mind that your coop needs air circulation, but not drafts.

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