Where is the vent located?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by kv1211, Aug 3, 2011.

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    New to chicks here [​IMG]
    I'm just taking pre caution for pasting up. I notice under the tail fluff there is a small hole and it expands when the chicks chirp, is that the vent hole?
    I also see a black hard bump attached under it's belly. is that the umbilical cord for my chicks. They are a week old
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    Yep, right behind the bird under the tail fluff is where the vent is located (where their eggs and feces exit their body). I'm not sure about the hard bump under their belly. I always heard the umbilical cord looked like a black piece of thread.
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    [​IMG] from PA.

    Yes, you are correct on both counts. Their vent expels their waste, eggs, and allows for breeding. Its very multi-purpose.

    The umbilical cord will disappear shortly and you won't notice it any more. Some other strange features you may notice are the large lump that come and goes to one side of the neck, thats the crop, where food gets processed before moving down the chute. Don't be alarmed when it is big at night. Only if its big first thing in the morning does it indicate a problem. You might also notice a funny little nob on their back near the base of the tail. Thats their oil gland. They rub it with their beak and then groom their feathers.

    Have fun with your chicks!
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    Good information for us newbees [​IMG]
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    I propose that we change the name of the vent to the "tail pipe." Self explanatory that way; you know exactly where it is.
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    Quote:Thanks for all that info, that was very helpful! I love learning something new each day!!!![​IMG]
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    Love this site. Even the these poses are old, as a very new chicken owner I am getting educated!!

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