where should i put my turkey?(ducks or chickens)

Flock Runner

9 Years
Nov 27, 2011
i'm building a new coop but i only have enough money to build one. i'm going to divide it into two parts(one for water fowl and the other for my chickens) and have a small section for chicks. since i have a turkey, 7 ducks, 7 chickens, and am getting 2 geese,(im putting them with the ducks) would it be best to put the turkey with the chickens, the ducks, or let it free range? i let him free range when he was younger so he knows the property pretty well and hes big enough so i don't have to worry about predators, but i don't want him getting lonely. this is probably a quaestion for the turkey section but if i were to get a female turkey to keep him company would she be broody if they had eggs together?

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