Where should I put the nest boxes?

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    Oct 13, 2016
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    Building an 8x8x8 chicken coop (we affectionately call it the "Coob" because it's a cube coop!). I'm raising the chicks in a brooder right now, but in the future I'd prefer to just let the hens raise the babies for me :D Should we put the nest boxes near the floor so the chicks can get in and out? Or will I need to separate the broody and babies from the others anyway (which I have no idea how I'm going to do that!)?

    Also, what is a pop door?

    How high up should we put the roost?

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    You could always put one nest box on the floor..... And the rest up higher.


    I have an 8x8 coop, and in there I have the people door about in the middle of the wall, open door, and both left and right are poop trays with perches. In the north wall poop tray a removable screen can be put in or taken out...when in place it forms a cage under the poop tray which is perfect to grow out chicks, or for a broody... Or whatever.

    I have pictures on my coop pages if you want to look them over.

    The pop door is the chicken door... So they can go in and out.

    Height of roost is dependent on if you have slim accrobatic breeds, or heavy clumsy ones.

    Heavy birds probably shouldn't have the perch higher than 3 feet. Acrobatic birds would be very happy with a 6 foot tall perch...

    You could also set up the coop with a bunch of different levels all the way from floor to ceiling.

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