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    I'm still dealing with my egg bound hen and have a question. When I look at pictures in book of a hens reproductive tract, it appears that the egg is formed near the back/spine region and slides down to the vent from above. In the case of my hen, however, I can feel the egg behind her right leg- in her abdomen.
    Did this egg somehow slide down into her intestine or am I missing something here? Please clarify.
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    You will be able to feel the egg in the abdomen. The diagrams are just that... diagrams. They are nice neat pictures that don't reflect the dynamic changing living body. When an egg goes into the uterus, it will drop down into the abdomen (gravity!) where you can feel it prior to its being laid. (Sort of like the diagram of a human body does not reflect what the inside of a woman 9 months pregnant looks like....)

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