Where to buy affordable keets?


9 Years
Apr 22, 2010
White Springs
I currently have 6 french guinea keets that are about a week old. I just learned the issues with their fertility so I want to get more keets. (I purchased these at a local store and he only sells the french). I really can't afford to order the keets from some of the larger hatcheries due to the quantity they require you to purchase.

Does anyone know of alternate places to get 15-20 keets? Color doesnt matter. I like variety. I live in north central Florida.

I am over in Clay county (Melrose/Keystone) and saw an ad on CL G'ville for keets for 4.00 in Melrose. There is also a Jax CL ad for keets in Middleburg for 2.00.

I am hoping I get some keets hatched by the hen end of next week and will have some for sale, the Guinea Goddess willing, of course.
Oh thank you! My oldest daughter lives in Arlington so I may need to make a trip out there. I will check out CL.

Hope the Guinea Goddess listens to you. I didnt get any to hatch from the 20 I had in the 'bator. Maybe I will have better luck with the Turkey and Duck Goddess lol.

I've read that if you free range them, they will breed on their own. Free range birds are a little slimmer and in better shape to breed without AI.
With respect to free ranging the French guineas and getting more fertility, my experience with our free-ranging flock is that the hens lay plenty of eggs but none have been fertile.
I plan to free range them but figure I should get some other guineas so I can have keets in the future.

I've done alot of things but I just don't see AI for french guineas in my future hahah.
You might want to check with Ideal Hatchery, you can order the number you are wanting. I order my leghorns from them and there was not a certain number you had to buy.
I think guineafowlnow has a minimum order of 15 from April 1 to October 31. They ship everywhere except Hawaii. They only sell French guineas however. They claim free ranging French guinea fowl can reproduce just fine. It's really hard to tell males from females and guinea fowl are monogamous so if you're having trouble with fertility you may not have enough males.

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